Strange Fires

Your mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open. ~ Frank Zappa


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Im a musician from Denver
What I post will never be the same as the last
Music should never be about what is trendy.
Music should be about what is INSPIRED and ARTFUL.
I urge you to broaden your horizons
and find beauty in something you might not be used to..
Love, Doran

D E A T H D R E A M     ☂
    Dragged Heart 

~All sunshine in an empty place~

The beatmaker collective me and a few friends run has a new artist on it’s roster. The debut track from D E A T H D R E A M entitled “Dragged Heart” was designed to tug at your heart strings in a way that Witch-House acts rarely do. If you’re a fan of 90s dance music you might recognize the pitched vocal samples from Corona’s
"Rhythm of the Night". Until hearing this track I never noticed how tragic and dark that song’s lyrics were. 

Despite it being an obviously witchy song in essence there’s also stylistics aspects of trap, house, acid, and hardstyle just in the first half alone.
Within the songs final portion D E A T H D R E A M slamdunks his debut single with giant dramatic rave synths and a lightning paced chiptune climax that just might leave you sobbing like a bitch…

I love the fuck out of this track and cant wait to hear more. 
If you dig witch-house, trap or any of the styles in this song show some serious love to D E A T H D R E A M and share it <3

Dreamcaster ☂ Connected

~lunar tidepools of neon milk~

This post is meant to be the musically eclectic yin to Dreamcrusher's yang from yesterday. Where Dreamcrusher's beats are bludgeoning and abrasive the wonderful UK producer Dreamcaster will soothe all your wounds with futurebeats that will bathe you in brilliant color and indulge your musical sweet tooth with a trip through pixelated candy cosmos like few before him have.

Check out another song from Dreamcaster entitled “My God Has Three Times The Amount of Tentacles Your God Has” XD


Dreamcrusher ☂ “Memories”

~Graced with its void~

After a little vacation from SF after the 4 year anniversary I return this week with some really interesting shit to show you. 
First up is Dreamcrusher; the digital rhythmic noise explosion from a blogger I’ve followed for many years; Drencrome
Ive known of this act for some time but have yet to post about it. 
When deciding what to post as the first act following the 4 year anniversary of the birth of this blog I knew immediately Dreamcrusher was my first choice upon hearing this track. 
Although Dreamcrusher's library is mostly just despicably(awesome) abrasive harsh noise with occasional rhythmic undertones of the hip-hop/witchy variety.
A while back I drunkenly came up with an idea for a genre of music of which I did not name; but the general idea was to craft something with an initial instrument, build an entire song around it and then upon completion of the song remove the primary instrument and accentuate the negative space that laid within the composition… An idea that accentuates the subconscious feeling of loss and a phantom longing for something that isn’t there.
nihilistic minimalist melodic starvation 
"Memories" is the closest thing Ive ever heard to swirling energetic guitar driven shoegaze without actually having any guitar to be heard and being predominantly beat and noise oriented, its so melodic for having hardly any melody to speak of so it reminds me so much of that general idea that I really got to enjoy this track on an immense level.

Here’s another Dreamcrusher track that has a bit of melodic sugar on it.
"Memories" is the first track to a NEW Dreamcrusher EP called HAINE and is available for presale now on the DC bandcamp

DJ Joe Block ☂ Skin Canvas

 ~trans-oceanic bullet train~

one of the best producers modern instrumental Hip-Hop has to offer <3

Dream Curtain ☂ Unknown Ends

~rapid wave movement~

some brand new shit with a sound that takes me home to the summer waterslides.


 ~Hand to her mouth she found their bodies slain in the backyard amidst the blustering leaves, singing birds and storming sky~

A few weeks ago I awoke alone in my house to find the air filled with black smoke and my living room on fire in two places. I put out the fires in sheer adrenalin fueled panic only to realize afterwards that my house had been burglarized and then set ablaze by an unknown individual who remains at large… This song could easily be an anthem for those panicked moments…
If you remember my previous post on BLVCK CEILING about a year and a half ago you may be intrigued to know that since that time this artist has birthed almost 20 bandcamp releases.. Proving himself to be so much more than just some run of the mill witch-house producer.
I’ve always been impressed by BLVCK CEILING's music but his ep entitled G L Y P H S has now become a modern favorite of mine. It really is a stunning dark music achievement filled with drug addled unsettling anthems of fear for those with only the blackest of third eyes.

Check out the rest of G L Y P H S as well as the colossal amount of releases by this prolific dark electronic composer.  BLVCK CEILING BANDCAMP

Fogh Depot  Anticyclone

~smokestack burlesque~

Dark jazz: bringing sexy black
I found this act after they followed the Timid Smoke soundcloud.
I cannot tell you how good it feels to have some real deal dark-jazz to post that isnt Kilimanjaro, Mt. Fuji or Bohren and Der Club of Gore.
I give you Fogh Depot, a trio from Moscow, Russia who make brilliantly seductive brooding jazz music with an electronic twist.
"Anticyclone" is the trio’s initial demo but there’s nothing demo-like about this track. "Anticyclone" feels like a massive hedge-maze amidst towering sand dunes of apathetic lust.
Give it a listen; preferably with candles, incense or something smoking, if you dig jazz, trip-hop, dark ambient or chill industrial stuff you should love this.