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Your mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open. ~ Frank Zappa


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Im a musician from Denver
What I post will never be the same as the last
Music should never be about what is trendy.
Music should be about what is INSPIRED and ARTFUL.
I urge you to broaden your horizons
and find beauty in something you might not be used to..
Love, Doran

22tape ☂ 11 Meets 88
   ~Zen and the art of rocking beats~

I’d like to present 22tape. One of the most prolific beatmakers I’ve come across.. Well actually he came across me. In recent months I’ve received some of the finest music submissions in Strange Fires’ 2 year history, and 22tape is one of the frontrunners on that list.
I came to discover to my utter amazement that the beatmaker hails from Colorado and despite his immense tallent I’d never heard of him.
22tape has been one of Denver’s best kept secrets for an astoundingly long amount of time. When listening to his entire album Firefly Bulletshots, you will get totally engulfed in forward thinking rhythm texture and production ability that easily awards 22tape with the more professional title of sound designer.
It seems that generally these technological music talents are retained by twenty-something producers or young electronic prodigies but in this case I was shocked to discover that 22tape has been doing his thing since a golden Hip-Hop age; 1992!!
At no point during listening to Firefly Bulletshots in its entirety do you get even one shred of throwback style, this album is as fresh as a spring rain and as zen as a banzai garden. 
He does utilize a dubstep-esque rhythmic pattern in some songs but this EP is so so much more complex and ultimately spiritual than a simple clubstep release. 
It definitely does stay true to the evolution of modern instrumental hip-hop but it’s a brilliantly good addition to the style.
Listen to it for yourself and let me know what you think.
Here is one more track from the EP for you to sink your teeth into..
Neferiu Records - Firefly Bulletshots EP - 02 Firefly Bulletshots by 22tape

Listen to the EP in it’s entirety on 22tape's soundcloud, he also is on a whole mess of other websites. Also, if you are a promoter, or manager and would like to work with 22tape, he is presently looking for that kind of assistance so feel free to contact him.

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